Authenticating your payments – Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)


You may have seen communication from your bank about upcoming changes to how you make payments online. They may have e.g. encouraged you to use or update a phone app, or asked you to register your mobile phone for SMS messages. This is part of required changes for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Here’s an explainer from the BBC


Up to now you may be using a 3D password to verify your purchases, SCA will replace that with a mechanism called 3D2. If you’re already using 2-factor authentications (2FA) to log in to some websites, 3D2 is like 2FA for payments – when it comes to paying for things online your bank will require you to verify that you are making the payment by verifying you via another means e.g. a code sent to you by SMS or some interaction with their banking app. Each bank has its own implementation of 3D2 and your bank will decide when you should start using it.


While the new process intends to reduce “friction” for payment-processing in the long-term (no more forgotten 3D passwords etc), the initial registration may be quite cumbersome depending on how your bank decides to implement it. Unfortunately you may be required to do the 3D2 registration steps while you are trying to pay for a fast-selling event on EntryCentral, and you may miss out. Your bank should be able to help you avoid this scenario. Once you are registered for 3D2 you should experience no further delays as long as you have access to the verification mechanism.

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