Protect your event sign-ups with Booking Protect

Event participants sometimes face unavoidable reasons why they can no longer take part in an event: illness or injury, vehicular mechanical breakdown en route etc. Sometimes sign-ups can be expensive, or far enough in the future, that you want to insure the risk or think twice about signing-up. Your best hope for a refund is the organiser’s Refund Policy, but organisers aren’t obliged to refund you if you are no longer able to attend.

EntryCentral has linked up with Booking Protect to offer sign-up insurance as part of the sign-up process. Qualifying events will show an additional step in the sign-up process, where you decide whether or not you want to insure it. There are no supplementary forms to fill-in and post – ticking the box is all you need to do, and once you’ve paid for it the insurance become effective.


Booking Protect have set the insurance premium as 8% of the sign-up value. The insurance premium will be shown as an add-on item to your Shopping Basket, and in the event of a claim you’ll contact Booking Protect directly.

We don’t expect that many participants in ¬£10 events will want to insure their sign-ups, and offering insurance for such events could be distraction or an unnecessary step. So for most events we’ll initially decide whether to offer insurance based on the sign-up value.

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