New transaction rates at EntryCentral

EntryCentral’s transaction rates have dropped from 5% (min £1) to 5% (min 60p). This change delivers a significant reduction in price for cheaper events.

When we set up EntryCentral, back in 2003, we needed to settle on some business rates. We decided on 5% with a minimum of £1, which was much cheaper that our competitors at the time. These rates became the de facto standard across the industry in the UK, as our competitors fell into line behind us.

The £1 minimum reflected a fair choice between the convenience offered by entering events online, against the drudgery of filling out a paper form and a cheque, and then posting them off to the organiser – who then needed to decipher your handwriting and bank your cheques.

Ten years further on, a choice between entering online and entering with paper forms has gradually moved to irrelevance. In reality, hardly anyone enters events with paper forms any more. The real choice is now with event organisers, who decide which online entry system to use.

Meanwhile, cheaper events with prices of £10 or less have not benefited from online entries as much as more expensive events. The £1 minimum can look uncomfortably high as a proportion of a cheaper entry fee – especially for events around the £5 mark.

At, we still participate in, value, and enjoy cheaper events. They’re what get people into sport, and what keep people participating all through the year. We want to support and encourage these events.

Fun Run participant

Sprint finish!

Following increased volumes of entries at, we’re pleased to announce that we can now drop our minimum transaction charge from £1 to 60p, effective from 1st December 2013. So our new rates are 5% with a minumim of 60p. We aim to continue passing on rate cuts, as business levels increase.

(All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.)

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