Hot Tickets

Something that’s often a cause of frustration for users of ticketing systems, is how quickly events can sell out. Remembering the ticketing for London 2012, the news was full of people saying: “I entered all our details and got to the payment stage, but then all the places were gone!”. In addition, there can be a sense of panic amongst users to get the payment done as quickly as possible, so the answers they provide on the entry forms are sometimes incorrect.
On EntryCentral, we’re seeing an increasing number of event selling-out in under an hour, so this has become something for us to help with.
EntryCentral can’t always guarantee that you’ll get a place in the events you want, but we’ve added a new feature to help reduce the frustration and panic. For lack of a better name, these events are now called Hot Tickets on EntryCentral. Before you can open Hot Ticket entry forms and begin filling them in, we’ll try to reserve places for you. If there are reservable places, we’ll give you 10 minutes for each entry form, and another 5 minutes for the payment at the end. If there are no reservations available, we’ll let you know when the next one might become available due to another user’s reservation timing-out.
If you can reserve Hot Tickets, you’ll have ample opportunity to pay for them, and you can take due care filling in the entry forms.
The event organiser decides whether or not an event is a Hot Ticket, and how many places a user can reserve. Sometimes, organisers will want to allow 4 or 5 people in a family (or sharing a car) to book together on an all-or-nothing basis, with one of the party making the bookings on EntryCentral.

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